Ali’s first live tournament score was in November 2015

In less than five years, this Bosnian-born American poker player has raised less than $ 9 million in live tournament revenue, becoming a regular on the high roller scene in the process. In this hand, Imsirovic turned a medium pocket pair into a bluff against World Series of Poker bracelet winner Sam Greenwood.

Imsirovic started the day as chip leader, but has slumped several positions at this point. With four more eliminations needed before the money bubble burst, he opened the 88,000 with seven pockets under the gun on the six-handed table. Greenwood is the third shortest stack at the time it visited the MADUQQ. He took pocket aces in a hijack and made three small bets to 200,000.

Imsirovic was called up and failed to drop 10-8-6, all clubs. With two major straight blockers but no draws in his hand, Imsirovic opted to examine the small 72,000 bet Greenwood made into the 490,000 pot. Greenwood experienced an overpair and nut flush draw, which he immediately made on the J® turn. Imsirovic produced an attractive lead, betting just 63,400 into the 634,000 pot.

Greenwood just called with his nut flush, looking like he wants to keep as much of the bluff as possible within Imsirovic’s reach. 10 © planks the river and Imsirovic goes all-in, putting Greenwood at risk for his final 614,854. The Imsirovic line he will most likely take at a very polarized distance, consists of his strongest hands like full house, as well as his bluffs.

He tends not to push the river to score with a lower flush considering the action and runout. Greenwood makes a call with his nut flush and gets a double up to take over the chip lead for now. Imsirovic eventually crashed out two spots on the money, while Greenwood went on to seventh with $ 212,500.












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