Doyle Brunson the World Poker Master

Poker pro Doyle Brunson had no intention of being branded a legend when he arrived in Las Vegas from Texas nearly fifty years ago.

He’s just interested in finding some good poker action. He found it… and had been content not to venture far from the local table since then, except for the times when he had heard of good stakes elsewhere.

But the truth is that Brunson’s presence in Vegas is enough to bring other people to Vegas, the likes of Texas bankers with lots of cash and a desire to get into action with Brunson and anyone with a desire to play big enough to give less players a bloody nose.

That’s the thing about poker, Brunson once told me a few years ago. Most people will never play NFL football, but anyone can get into the World Series of Poker and visit WADUKPKV as long as he has money in his pocket.

Brunson may say something about the skills required to play the game well but the truth is Brunson has done a lot to improve the poker table skills of players that he will never come across. More on that aspect of his life in a moment.

The fact is that a soft-spoken 84 year old Texas native turns casual players into serious players with his easy-to-read 1978 book “The System System” while talking about poker the way it is played by serious and successful people with their approach to any game. .

So why would he write a book similar to Babe Ruth telling the average player how to hit the home run?

He grinned, “There aren’t enough good players around; the action was terrible. “He has confidence that he can handle any opportunity that comes his way. Brunson has a super host personality. She is approachable and treats all inquiries from reporters (like myself) as if they need serious reflection.

He had his own internet card room for a while, and was labeled the “most influential” person in the poker world by a magazine that directed its content to readers who had serious views on the gambling business.

Yes, Brunson has been at the top of the poker world for years, loaning money to dozens of players to help them get into action during those years when he and his partner Eric Drache ran the card room at the old Silverbird.

But maybe the time has come to hang him, so to speak, and spend more time closer to home with his wife of more than 50 years. He said a lot during the current World Series of Poker, an event he has been participating in since it began in 1970.He won a dozen events there including two wins in the $ 10,000 buy-in final event.

He’s a certified legend but even legends aren’t interested in it forever. “I’ll still play a few,” he said, “but I’m done with hours of busy tournament action.












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