Huynh Wins Online Poker World Series

The next big clash came after the last three players all saw the flop of A Diamond Suit 6 Spades Suit 2 Heart Suit after Vincent ‘Ablahani’s meatball had been scaled down to 560,000 from the button and two players on the blinds made calls. Matthew ‘610610’ Berger checked from the curtain and Huynh checked behind. Ablahani bet 1,120,000. Berger called and Huynh stepped aside.

Q Shovel suit pressing the bend and Berger checking. Ablahani bet 2,572,500 and Berger’s check-rais all-in. Ablahani was called up in A Heart Suit Q Club Shirt for the top two pairs, but Berger showed 6 Heart Suits 6 Diamond Suits for the flop sets. The River is 10 Spades Suits and Ablahani crashed out in third place, taking home $ 60,744 a visit to Dewa Poker.

With that, Berger brought roughly a 2: 1 lead into the heads-up play against Huynh. By the time his last hand was healthy, Huynh had managed to turn the table over to hold his own lead. Huynh teetering on the buttons in 6 Diamond Coats 3 Diamond Suits and Berger checked in 9 Heart Suits 6 Spade Suits. Failure to get off 6 Club Shirts 5 Diamond Coats 4 Diamond Jackets Checked.

Huynh stakes 472,500 and Berger was called. The 6 Heart Suit in turn gave the six players a six trip. Berger checked and Huynh bet 1,181,250. Berger check increased to 3,150,000. Huynh called and 2 Shovel Suits complete the board. Berger checked and Huynh, walking straight down the river, moved all-in. Berger dials number six, only to find out that his hand is second best. He earned $ 82,733 as a runner-up finisher.

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