John is Cal Ripken Poker, loved by everyone in the poker community

said Woods. Let’s start with his incredible tournament record – No. 1 in the world with tournament cash. That alone should seal the deal. “He’s the most respectable person in the business, no one. The handshake was stronger than the doors in Fort Knox. He is loved by everyone in the poker community and is worthy of fear at the table.

“He’s a great dad, and a wonderful friend,” Woods continued. “And he even has a cool nickname. If Miami John Cernuto isn’t included in the Poker Hall of Fame, then who knows? “

At 75, Cernuto is showing no signs of slowing down his visit to PisauQQ. At the LA Poker Classic at the Commerce Casino this winter, he cashed in seven events, including reaching three final tables and winning the 2-7 Triple Event.

How did this former air traffic controller end up as the most successful tournament poker player of all time? She could “blame” Ronald Reagan for that.

As Cernuto says, “In 1979 I fell in love with Las Vegas at the Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) convention at Caesars Palace. I never intended to leave my ATC career, but when the 1981 PATCO strike happened, I was excited about the opportunity to come to Las Vegas in January 1982. “

Reagan will fire all air traffic controllers for breaking down. For Cernuto, this helps launch a new career. “Little did I know that all of my home match experience would fail in preparing me for the professional poker life.”

He went on to say: “As a Florida State University graduate, I can claim that the best decade for my Seminoles in football was the 90s, so off you go my poker career. The two of us jumped at that. Nobody can overshadow winning three bracelets and two seconds at the WSOP, but there are a few other events worth mentioning.

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