Play-Fold decisions greatly affect your poker game

The Mississippi stud, on the other hand, consists of nothing but play-fold decisions. You get two cards and must decide to bet 1x, 3x or fold. Now, technically, 3x servings are kind of a Main-Check decision. You will only be successful if you want to be a clean winner. In these cases, once you know you’re going to be the clean winner, you go ahead and bet as much as you can.

Similar to what happened in Ultimate Texas Hold’em, I suspect a lot of Mississippi Stud players are playing 1x when they should be playing 3x. They won less than they should, but won and they were happy. The focus here is on the 1x-fold bet section.

We need to know how likely you are to fold further down to calculate your return correctly. The bottom line is that players will fold more than 31% of the hand after only the first two cards are dealt. That’s a significant crease level for the start of the game.

That leaves plenty of time for players to watch the others play. The overall fold rate is about 44% for Mississippi Stud compared to the zero-fold Let It Ride rate. In Mississippi Stud, the player benefits from being able to make 3x bets. When he’s dealt a pair of 6 or more, he can go in 3x all the way and hope for the big winner.

If you’re just going to memorize the strategy for this game, you don’t really need to understand the difference between the bet types. But, I believe it’s important to have an understanding of this subject so that if you’re in a situation where you either forget or don’t know the strategy, you can at least do your best to make a decision.

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