Schonfeld draws on his research into the poker chips study

Self-control provides the power to regulate one’s emotions and attitudes apart from persuasion and impulses. Self-control is needed to control a person’s attitude to get to the direction.

For example, Schonfeld cited research in 1960 called the “poker chips study” which tested young children on their self-control. Each child is given a single poker chip and is told if they can get a 2nd poker chip if they wait to consume it until after the researcher returns to the classroom, when he or she walks out of the room. Some give in to persuasion and go straight to the poker chips. When the researchers returned, only a few children who rejected this wish were awarded 2nd poker chips.

Subsequent researchers continued to be in contact with some of these children over the decades. Discovery: Some successful children refrain from eating poker chips “have increasingly successful marriages, professions, and life in general.” Their strength to hold back allowed them to decide on a direction and grab it.

Curiosity – ask questions (about yourself and someone) to better understand why you weren’t successful. Therefore you can avoid those mistakes. We make it; successful people want to know, and try to understand and learn from their mistakes.

Confident of yourself – Believe in yourself, argues Schonfeld. Trust in your own strength. This will help you understand where you went wrong, and how to deal with the problem. Because of that you can be real success.

While Schonfeld focuses these traits on a few young children, they apply to us adults – and to poker players. You may be asking, “How is it?”

Despite the series of downsides, with grit and persistence, stay away from tilts – no matter what. It can save a lot of chips. Do not give up. Loser give up! Move on to the next path to success: With curiosity, you can find out and learn why and how you didn’t succeed. What did you do wrong? Have you noticed a time when you believed in yourself if the pot seemed to be around a lot? The more chips you hoard, the more confidence you will have. In that sense, unsuccessfulness can be like a prize for returning home.

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